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Full Body Thermography
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Full Body Thermography


Thermography is a full-body, radiation-free, and contactless prevention screening tool that is safe for women, men, and children. It is essentially a heat map of the body and it has the ability to detect potential problems before they turn into diseases. 

The process takes only 30 minutes and includes a follow-up call with a physician who will review your report with you in detail.

What Can Be Detected With Thermography?

Benefits of Medical Thermography


Half Body   $450

Full Body    $550 

All scans are performed by a BTI Certified Technician. Interpretation and Report with rainbow and inverse gray scale images included. You will also receive a Free 15 minute consultation with a health care practitioner to thoroughly review your findings.

*Thermography was FDA cleared as an adjunct screening tool in 1982

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