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Targeted Cryotherapy

Freeze Fat. Tighten Skin. Naturally.

Cryo Slimming is a non-invasive fat sculpting technology that uses cold temperatures to eliminate fat. Visible results in the first session, lose over half an inch in 30 minutes! 

Cryo Body and Facial Toning uses cold temperatures to improve the skin’s blood supply, bringing oxygen and enzymes to the tissues. Whether you come in for a Natural Facelift, Cellulite Reduction or Skin Tightening, the process of producing collagen and elastase is activated in the skin. The treatment will activate the lymphatic circulation that expels toxins from tissues eliminating cellulite, toning the area and reducing the signs of aging. After the therapy, your skin will look fresh and firm.


          Cryo Slimming      $350

          5 Cryo Slimmings  $1,500 

          Cryo Toning         $350

          5 Cryo Tonings     $1,500


          Cryo Facial          $250

          5 Cryo Facials      $1,000

*Packages expire one year from purchase date, are prepaid and non-refundable. Organic Edge has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Clients who fail to do so will be charged the full cost of your appointment. 

Targeted Cryotherapy
natural facelift
freeze off cellulite
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