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Kitchen Medicine for Gas and Bloating

As we head into fall and gear up for the fast approaching holiday season, I have been getting lots of questions about gas and bloating. Of course, colonics alleviate these symptoms but let’s talk about something you can grab right out of your pantry to help beat the bloat! Let’s talk kitchen medicine and the delicious plant, Fennel!

Fennel is a multifaceted plant that is used as a vegetable, a spice and an herb! It is customary in many cultures to chew on fennel seeds after a meal to aid in digestion. The seeds have a compound called anethole that reduces inflammation. It also relaxes the smooth muscle in the GI Tract allowing gas to pass naturally and alleviate bloat. In addition, a 2016 review actually found that components in both fennel plants and fennel seeds have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Fennel seed oil was used in a 2003 study for colic babies as well. This study found that colic was eliminated in 65% of the babies treated with fennel seed oil. Fennel is now a popular ingredient in mother’s milk teas and colic supplements.

So, whether you make an after-meal fennel tea or just pop some fennel seeds in your mouth after eating, making fennel part of your digestion routine can help beat the bloat! Sometimes the best remedies are hiding right under our nose, or at least in our pantries.

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