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Dr. Michael Aziz

As seen on Dr. Oz and The View, Dr. Michael Aziz is a physician, author, and broadcast media commentator. With his vast background, Dr. Aziz is here at Organic Edge to bring the cutting edge in Medical treatments for longevity and weight loss. 


Peptide Therapy

Biohackers have been buzzing about peptides and what they do for our skin, muscles, weight, energy, aging, many diseases, and overall health. Yet, very few doctors know about peptides or their medical use. Peptides are the future of medicine and many drug companies are just catching on to get those FDA-approved peptides as new pharmaceuticals and drugs. We have already been using many peptides at the practice for years and seeing miraculous, and great results. We offer a wide range of FDA-approved peptides to our patients to help them achieve great health.


IV Therapy

IV drip therapy is becoming more and more popular as people become increasingly aware of its benefits.  While intravenous therapy has been widely used in the medical industry since the 1950s, it’s only recently become popular as a health, beauty, and wellness treatment.

IV Theapy
About Dr. Aziz

Exosome Therapy

This is the newest frontier in cellular regeneration techniques, following in the footsteps of other proven therapies like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma. This therapy can improve signaling between cells, reduce inflammation, cause cells to regenerate, and modify the body’s immune response when it’s not healthy.


Allergy Testing

Allergies occur when the body's immune system reacts abnormally to specific triggers or allergens like pollen, dust, smoke or foods. The abnormal immune response can cause a host of symptoms that can affect multiple systems and organs, including the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems and the skin.

Cancer Screening.png

Advanced Cancer Screening

To detect cervical cancer, you will need a pap smear. To detect breast cancer, you will need a mammogram. To detect colon cancer, you will need a colonoscopy. That's the limited type of cancer that doctors can screen for in the past. But 71 % of cancer deaths are caused by cancers without recommended screening! Or cancers without a test. Unscreened cancers drive the majority of cancer deaths. Now everything has changed. 

Cancer Screeing
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